Wedding Memories that Last Fur-ever

Wedding Memories that Last Fur-ever

When planning their wedding, Stephanie and Michael wanted to include their favorite people, from family to friends, old and new. But what if your favorite guest has four paws and fur?

Planning a wedding that includes your favorite canine is entirely doable with little to no fuss. The first thing you need to think about is, whatever you’re planning, will your dog enjoy it? Each dog’s temperament and personality are different, and no one knows your canine better than you. Make sure that if you want to include your pet in the wedding ceremony, photos, or have your furry friend party all day with you, that it’s something that they’ll enjoy too.

Your pet can get ready with the bridal or groom party, take photos, walk down the aisle, stand up with you at the altar as you say “I do,” and even party into the night at the reception. If your doggo is a social butterfly, consider letting them hang out with you and your wedding party all throughout the festivities.

Before you start making those plans, the first thing to do is make sure that your canine companion is welcome at your wedding venue. Baker’s Ranch helped create the “pawfect” wedding day for Stephanie and Michael.

The folks at Bakers Ranch welcome you and your human guests, but they also cater to your furry four-legged guests. At this beautiful, all-inclusive wedding experience, your pet is welcome to attend every aspect of your onsite event, from the pre-ceremony festivities to the reception. And if you’re having a hard time coordinating everything, it’s no problem. The team at Bakers Ranch wants the wedding couple to feel like guests, specializing in taking the stress out of planning and executing the perfect, elegant wedding. Let them know your vision for your big day, and they’ll figure out how to bring it to life. Just don’t ask them to supply the dog.

There are several different ways to make sure your pooch feels extra special on your wedding day. One thing you can do is to get your favorite canine an outfit suitable for the wedding day festivities. A tuxedo or a beautiful little dress would help your puppy fit right in with the wedding party. If your pup isn’t fond of complete outfits, consider a smart bowtie collar or maybe something a little more sparkly. If you’re considering making your wedding eco-friendlier, dress up your pet’s collar and leash with fresh flowers and wreaths of greenery to match the wedding flowers.

One of the most common ways to include your pooch in the wedding celebrations is to have your dog take the aisle as an honorary ring bearer. If the pup is serving as ring bearer, make sure that the best man or other human escort is in possession of the wedding rings.
Another way to include your favorite fuzzy family member is to have them stand with you at the altar when you say “I do.” Have your pup join the wedding party, standing with you and your intended as “dog of honor.”

Maybe your pup is more of a party animal. In that case, add your canine to the guest list of people who attend the reception. Skip the ceremony and bring your fuzzy friend straight to the reception.

What if you’ve already booked your venue, but it doesn’t welcome fuzzy guests? Not to worry, there are ways to still incorporate your furry friend into the festivities.

Think about where you plan to get ready for the wedding. Bring your pup in on the fun and pose for a few pictures prior to the nuptials. Even if your canine companion cannot join you for your wedding day festivities, there are still ways to help them join in on the fun.
Bring your furry friend in for some photos prior to the wedding festivities. You also can include them in your preparations by having them in your engagement photographs.

If your pup is unable to be there in person, use their likeness in your stationery. Your puppy can take center stage as an illustration on wedding invitations, save the date cards, seating cards, and hand painted by Sagebrush Designs. You can even put your pet’s portrait on cocktail napkins to be used during the reception. Consider having the groomsmen carry a pocket square embroidered with your puppy’s portrait for a more personal touch.

Some brides have a likeness of their pup embroidered on their veils or included in their dress designs. Couples can design a custom cake topper in the image of their favorite furry friend.

However you choose to include your canine companion in your wedding celebrations, take a few extra steps to make it a tail-wagging wedding day. All you need is love… and a pup or two.

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