Ask Anna - In Memory of Seats at a Wedding

Honoring Love from Houston

Dear Anna,
As I prepare for my wedding day, I find myself longing to honor the memory of a beloved family member who has passed away. Can you offer any advice on respectfully paying tribute to them during the ceremony?

– Honoring Love from Houston

I’m sorry for your loss, and it’s beautiful that you want to pay tribute to your loved one on your special day. You can pay homage to them in several meaningful ways during your wedding ceremony. One idea is to reserve an empty chair with a sign in their honor. This reserved seat symbolizes their presence and serves as a heartfelt reminder of their memory. You could also attach a charm to your bouquet or wear jewelry representing their presence. Another option is to include a special reading dedicated to them during the ceremony. Choose a gesture that feels right for you and your partner, allowing their memory to be present on your wedding day.

XO Love, Anna

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