Guide Your Guests Guide Your Guests to Eat Like a Local

Guide Your Guests Guide Your Guests to Eat Like a Local

Two Destination Wedding facts that may surprise you: On average, the bride and groom stay at the destination wedding resort for 10.5 days. This factors in a welcome/farewell party and possibly a mini-moon to tack on after the wedding festivities! And Guests tend to stay for about 5.5 nights in paradise to celebrate your big day! 

So you’ve decided to build a wedding website. While it is another task on your already lengthy to-do list, the benefits of a wedding website will definitely save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Destination Weddings require much more pre-planning from your guests, many of whom will be traveling to celebrate your big day. For them, your wedding website will become a go-to resource to refer to again and again before the main event. You’ll want to ensure that all relevant and practical details are covered while making it unique and personal to you and your wedding location.

One of the best ways to personalize your wedding website is to add local recommendations for guests.

Angela and Dylan are excited to be planning an early November Destination Wedding with celebrations taking place on and around Anna Maria Island. Having spent their careers in the food and beverage industry, they believe the best way to enlighten your experience when traveling to any new city or country is to Eat Like a Local. “Anywhere you go around the world, the local food and the people who serve it tell everything about a place, reflecting its history, climate, people, and traditions,” states Angela emphatically. They were determined to encourage their guests to do just that by adding a Local Knowledge section to their destination wedding website with recommendations for the area’s best locally-owned restaurants.

While finding great eateries to recommend in a new city can be tricky, the best way to uncover local gems in and around Anna Maria Island and mainland Bradenton is via Known as the Sarasota-Manatee Originals, they represent a community of over 60 of our area’s locally-owned and operated restaurants. “The Originals” are a group of independent restaurants throughout the Florida Suncoast, from the northern beaches of Anna Maria Island to the southern waterways of Venice. Their owners and operators share a passion for dining excellence and a love of community while celebrating our rich Gulf-coastal lifestyle.

Remember that your guests come from long distances to visit you and your beloved! The extra step of providing an orientation to the location’s various amenities and dining delights will make your friends and family feel that they’re loved and valued during their stay.

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