Crafting the perfect wedding look

Crafting the Perfect Wedding Look

Hair and makeup tips & tricks.

I Do’s
  • DO – consider an updo
  • DO – practice good skincare
  • DO – consider the weather
  • DO – have a gloss or tone added to your hair to enhance the color
  • DO – make time for a hair trial
  • DON’T – spend too much time in the sun
  • DON’T – neglect sunscreen
  • DON’T – forget to make your appointment early- Salons book out quickly
  • DON’T – opt for a hairstyle that will not work with your hair type
  • DON’T – choose a salon without experience in bridal hair and makeup
Picture perfect wedding hairEvery bride wants to be stunningly beautiful on her wedding day. However, finding the right stylist for your destination wedding can be challenging. Here to help brides feel and look their best on their wedding day is Alli Hardy, owner of Salt and Scissors Salon on Anna Maria Island. Before settling on a hairstyle for the big day, Alli suggests understanding the climate your wedding will take place in and what styles work best for your hair type. She does recommend considering an updo for anyone getting married on a hot, humid, or windy day. Alli always advises her clients to check the weather conditions the week of their wedding.  “It’s important to know what kinds of hairstyles work in the climate you’re getting married in,” Alli said. “No bride wants to look wilted on her wedding day.” While long, flowing curls might be beautiful in a photograph, they don’t hold up well in the heat and humidity of the summer months. In fact, she said some people’s hair doesn’t even hold curls at all, making some hairstyles impossible to achieve even with the assistance of a professional hairstylist. Prior to the wedding day, Alli says brides should meet with their selected stylist at least once to try out different hairstyles and see what works best. If possible, she recommends that the bride-to-be come to their chosen salon six months before a destination wedding or three months before a local wedding. Another tip is to have a gloss or tone added to your hair to enhance the color, a trick that works incredibly well with photographs. The trick makes color appear richer and have more dimension in the wedding day pictures. Alli says that weather should also play a part in your selections for makeup. Though she said, the most beneficial makeup tip she has for brides is to practice good skin care. Working at Salt and Scissors, Alli has seen almost everything, and she cautions new brides to learn from the mistakes others have made. Alli advises brides and their wedding parties to avoid too much time in the sun. While makeup can cure many ills, it cannot cover up a bad sunburn. “There is not enough makeup in the world to cover up a sunburn, peeling, and blisters,” Alli said. Before you and your wedding party overindulge on the white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island, make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen. In fact, at Salt and Scissors, they keep bottles of aloe on hand just in case a client comes in with overly reddened skin. Alli describes how each bride’s expectations are met, saying her best advice is to work with a professional for your wedding day hair and makeup. As a recent bride, she knows the process firsthand. Alli explains, “We want every bride to have her perfect wedding and look and feel beautiful. We listen to the bride to make sure her vision comes to life.”
Crafting the Perfect Wedding Look
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Crafting the Perfect Wedding Look
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