Confused in Cleveland

Confused in Cleveland

Dear Anna,
Can we get married on Anna Maria Island at the house where we are staying and have our reception there? Do we need a permit for the beach ceremony? I’ve asked on social media, but everyone gives me a different answer.

-Confused in Cleveland

Dear Confused,

There are strict rules on parking, noise, and events to help our local community live in harmony with our visitors. If you are having a small ceremony, it is possible with the home owner’s permission. Most of the time, it is not an option. One of the island’s charms is that rental homes are on residential streets instead of imposing high-rises in commercial districts.

There are three cities on Anna Maria’s seven-mile island. Each of them has different rules for permitting beach ceremonies. We are cautious with the regulations because having your wedding shut down would be our worst nightmare (and yours too!) This is where a local wedding planner comes in. They have relationships with local businesses, keep up with the permitting process, and can help with the ceremony, reception site, and lodging so you can have the wedding of your dreams.

XO Love, Anna


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