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Ask Anna - In Memory of Seats at a Wedding

Honoring Love from Houston

Dear Anna, As I prepare for my wedding day, I find myself longing to honor the memory of a beloved family member who has passed away. Can you offer any advice on respectfully paying tribute to them during the ceremony? – Honoring Love from Houston DearHonoring, I’m sorry for your loss, and it’s beautiful that

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Shore Thing Tiki Cruise

Searching from St. Louis

Dear Anna, With our wedding just around the corner, my fiancé and I are searching for a unique and inclusive pre-wedding celebration that differs from the traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties. We want an experience that allows us to celebrate with our closest friends. Do you have any suggestions for an unforgettable alternative celebration? –

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All Out of Ideas in Albany

All Out of Ideas in Albany

Dear Anna,What is a fun way to add a personalized touch to our wedding? I want something unique and tropical. Extra bonus if it is sustainable too!– All Out of Ideas in Albany Dear Out of Ideas,We have just the solution that checks all your boxes. Our wedding guests go coco-nuts for branded drinks from

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Confused in Cleveland

Confused in Cleveland

Dear Anna, Can we get married on Anna Maria Island at the house where we are staying and have our reception there? Do we need a permit for the beach ceremony? I’ve asked on social media, but everyone gives me a different answer. -Confused in Cleveland Dear Confused, There are strict rules on parking, noise,

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Longing in Lexington

Longing in Lexington

Dear Anna, I long for a destination wedding, but several family members cannot make the trip. Grandparents are hesitant to fly, and my sister has a newborn and a toddler, making traveling more than she can handle right now. How do I include them if they can’t be here in person? -Longing in Lexington Dear

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Father of the bride toast

Tongue-Tied in Tennessee

Dear Anna,My daughter is getting married soon to a wonderful man. I want to make a memorable toast at the reception but don’t know where to start. Can you help?– Tongue-Tied in Tennessee Dear Tongue-Tied in Tennessee, For wedding speeches, brevity and preparation are the keys to success. Think of the length as an Academy Award

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Frosting-Free Face in Ohio

Frosting-Free Face in Ohio

Dear Anna,My fiancée thinks the cake smash is a fun surprise, but I think it is definitely a no. What should I do?– Frosting-Free Face in Ohio Dear Frosting-Free,A cake smash can be cute for a one-year-old birthday party, but cake on your dress, in your hair, and on your face could make your wedding

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Indecisive in Texas - Wedding Bouquet

Indecisive in Texas

Dear Anna,I’m overwhelmed with the choices and prices for flowers. What is the best advice you have for me as a destination bride coming to Anna Maria Island? – Indecisive in Texas Dear Indecisive,For this one, we reached out to Mark from Flowers by Edie to gain some expert advice. He suggests, “Look at magazines

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