Choosing a non-traditional wedding cake

Choosing a non-traditional wedding cake

Mini cheesecakes by Cheesecake CutieLooking at all of the decisions leading up to a wedding day can be overwhelming for a couple. One of the most significant decisions you’ll make for the reception is what kind of wedding cake you want to serve your guests.

Not only is the wedding cake one of the centerpieces of the reception, but it also is a reflection of your and your new spouse’s style as a couple. To that point, what if your style isn’t a tall, tiered confection of cake and fondant? There are plenty of other options for couples to consider in place of a typical wedding cake. Envision a tower of different cheeses, decadent individually served desserts, or homestyle cinnamon rolls for an earlier in the day celebration.
One of the most effortless transitions are mini cheesecakes from Cheesecake Cutie. These tiny treats can be arranged on a tiered display similarly to a traditional wedding cake but made in a multitude of flavors to please every palate.

Another style for a non-traditional wedding cake is a donut cake or a donut tower. To fit any theme, The Donut Experiment has a variety of choices. This option makes for fun photo ops, from tropical Key Lime to spicy Sriracha or Fruity Pebbles. Display the sweets in a pyramid shape with a mini cake-topper for a sugar-spun take on this trend.

Open up a world of confectionary possibilities by having a dessert display rather than a cake. Combine custom cookies with individually wrapped  truffles, or offer guests to choose favorites from a donut wall. Nothing is off-limits, from a smooth chocolate and raspberry parfait to an old-fashioned banana pudding.

For couples hosting a sit-down, plated dinner, no dessert display or cake is necessary. Simply choose one or two desserts to have served to guests after dinner.

If your wedding takes place earlier in the day, feature some brunch favorites at your reception. Skip serving a traditional dessert and opt for a donut display, pancakes, or even a tower of cinnamon rolls.

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, serve a childhood favorite, like rice and marshmallow treats dressed up with a bit of poured icing, a selection of cookies, or even brownies.

If you want a tiered cake and a departure from the ordinary, macarons or other cookies can be used to tastefully layer around the base of each tier. Couples who want a somewhat traditional-looking cake without the sweet component can have a tiered “cake” made of wheels of cheese decorated simply with live herbs and flowers. A tower of croquembouche or chocolate cream puffs can accompany your wedding cake or serve in place of it.

Also, don’t feel that you’re limited to just one option for a wedding dessert. You can have your cake and offer your favorite luscious creations wrapped up as favors. That is the icing on top!

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Add a unique touch with an unconventional wedding cake
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Add a unique touch with an unconventional wedding cake
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